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dr Artur Wachowicz


Assistant Professor

The Division of Applications of Contemporary Mathematical Analysis

Room: 136

Phone: (+48) 42 631-38-54



Treść (rozbudowana)
PhD students
  • Michał Popławski, Własności ciągów i szeregów ideałowo zbieżnych z punktu widzenia kategorii Baire'a, 2018 (promotor pomocniczy)
Scientific publications
  • Marek Balcerzak, Jacek Hejduk, Artur Wachowicz, Baire Category Lower Density Operators with Borel Values, Results in Mathematics (100 pkt.), (2023),
  • Marek Balcerzak, Michał Popławski, Artur Wachowicz, Ideal convergent subseries in Banach spaces, Quaestiones Mathematicae (40 pkt.), 42 (6) (2019), 765-779, JCR
  • Marek Balcerzak, Michał Popławski, Artur Wachowicz, Ideal convergent subsequences and rearrangements for divergent sequences of functions, Mathematica Slovaca (20 pkt.), 67 (6) (2017), 1461-1468, JCR
  • Marek Balcerzak, Michał Popławski, Artur Wachowicz, The Baire category of ideal convergent subseries and rearrangements, Topology and its Applications (20 pkt.), 231 (2017), 219-230, JCR
  • Marek Balcerzak, Szymon Głąb, Artur Wachowicz, Qualitative properties of ideal convergent subsequences and rearrangements, Acta Mathematica Hungarica (15 pkt.), doi:10.1007/s10474-016-0644-8 (2016), 312-323, JCR
  • Marek Balcerzak, Filip Strobin, Artur Wachowicz, Bilinear mappings -selected properties and problems, in monograph Traditional and present-day topics in real analysis, Łódź University Press (2013), 281-306
  • Marek Balcerzak, Adam Majchrzycki, Artur Wachowicz, Openness of multiplication in some function spaces, Taiwanese J. Math., 17 (2013), 1115-1126, JCR
  • Artur Bartoszewicz, Szymon Głąb, Artur Wachowicz, Remarks on ideal boundedness, convergence and variation of sequences, J. Math. Anal. Appl., 375 (2011), 431-435, JCR
  • Artur Wachowicz, Multiplying balls in Cⁿ[0,1], Real Anal. Exchange, 34 (2009), 1-6
  • Artur Wachowicz, Preimages of residual sets of continuous functions under operation of superposition, Georgian Math. J., 12 (2005), 763-768, JCR
  • Marek Balcerzak, Artur Wachowicz, W. Wilczyński, Multiplying balls in the space of continuous functions on [0,1], Studia Math., 170 (2005), 203-209, JCR
  • Artur Wachowicz, Baire category and standard operations on pairs of continuous functions, Tatra Mt. Math. Publ., 24 (2002), 141-146
  • Marek Balcerzak, Artur Wachowicz, Some examples of meager sets in Banach spaces, Real Anal. Exchange, 26 (2001), 877-884