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Currently, the Institute conducts didactic classes for students of Mathematics at two levels of study: first and second cycle. The reference and scientific background of the field of study is the scientific discipline of Mathematics. Mathematics education prepares future graduates not only for the profession of a mathematician (i.e., quantum, analytical risk analyst, financial analyst, bank analyst, and even a programmer). Mathematics graduates also work as specialists in insurance departments, pension funds, investment funds and financial supervision authorities.
The Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics offers three Bachelor study programs: Bachelor study program in Applied Mathematics (specializing in either financial and insurance mathematics or in mathematical modelling, or in statistical and business data analysis), Bachelor study program in Actuariat and Financial Analysis (both in Polish) and Bachelor study program in Mathematical Methods in Data Analysis (engineering first-cycle programe,  studies in English), which is conducted jointly with the International Faculty of Engineering IFE.

The two-year master's studies (second-cycle studies) are a natural continuation and extension of the knowledge and skills of the first-cycle studies, they are more advanced both in mathematical and practical terms in the application of mathematics in modeling financial markets, Data Science and science. We offer three specialized master's degree programs: Risk Management in Finance and Insurance, Data Analysis in Business and Logistics, Applications of Mathematics in Science. All our Master's program studies last two years.

Researchers of the Institute of Mathematics of the TUL offer care as supervisors for candidates to the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of the TUL. PhD students broaden their knowledge during course classes, and also participate in university seminars as well as in domestic and international conferences, where they present research results.

Studies at all levels are carried out in the full-time form. 

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our detailed offer of studies in English in the field of Mathematical Methods in Data Analysis.

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